QX104-Have More Fun billboard campaign

When QX104 FM first contacted us about being a part of their “HAVE MORE FUN” billboard campaign we were a little intimidated…not because we weren’t familiar with having fun or taking a more documentary approach with our portraits (haha! We do that better than anything!) but our work on a billboard? No pressure! Literally minutes into our first shoot with Brody & Samantha we were laughing like a bunch of old friends and were able to capture more photos than they were able to use! Below we’ve included some photos that they did use and some that remain to be seen. So if you happen to see these in the Winnipeg advertising skyline soon, you can say, “hey! Red Photo Co. shot those!” Every single time that we see a new billboard, we squeal in delight…because how often do you get to see your work on a billboard?!

Note:The bottom two photos are of the first two billboards produced!